I am Mamiko, a local photographer in Portland, Oregon.  I have worked as a photographer for about 6 years, and I finally renew my own photography website.  I hope you enjoy my photo galleries!

Little bit about me-

I was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan.  When I was young, I loved adventures.  I visited my grandma using the subway by myself when I was 5 years old, and I started exploring new places by train, bicycle, and even with roller skates.  As soon as I started college, I enjoyed traveling abroad.  My most memorable places to visit were Guatemala and Mexico.

My first camera besides an instant disposable was an automatic film camera, a present from my dad. I enjoyed taking pictures with my friends, but never thought about angles, position and stuff.  Before visiting Europe for my honeymoon, I purchased my first DSLR, Nikon D40x and took a photography class at my local community collage.  I used that camera for a while and loved and enjoyed capturing my boys with this camera.  When my youngest child started going to preschool, I got all gears, Nikon 750, iMac, MacBook Pro and so on to start a photography business.  Now I love to help capturing memories for clients, learning new techniques, meeting new people, and exploring new locations for photo shooting.

In this blog, I will talk about the behind the scenes for photo shooting and information for promotions/events.

Thank you for reading!